The portfolios on this website only include work created before November of 2017. My portfolio has considerably expanded since then.

For my most recent work, visit @mattmdesign on Instagram.

I also have a narrated video where I walk through my latest work in detail. Please email me at matt@mattmaxwelldesign.com to receive a link.

Brand Identity + UI/UX + Creative Direction

Case Study: Neumont University

Providing Executive Creative Director services for over a decade, Matt Maxwell Design has provided design expertise in activities such as branding, print design and production, motion graphics, DSLR photography, event support, direct mail, environmental graphics and signage, and numerous other vital services that support the in-house marketing department.

Case Study: Helio Training

Complete brand identity for Helio Training bootcamp. Research phase included name research, competitive market analysis, and target audience definition. Design phase followed, which included logo variations design, color definition and typography standards. Finally, a full implementation was executed with corporate stationery, core corporate collateral, website design and development, merch, and environmental signage and graphics.

Case Study: Nitro Circus

Rubbed shoulders and cheated death with world-renouned stunt crazies as they grew from a VHS tape indie, to a DVD producer, to an MTV hit series, to a Hollywood movie, to a worldwide brand. Provided Executive Creative Direction services, rebranding, motion graphics, and many other unspeakable life-threatening contributions.

Case Study: InfinIT Consulting

Rebranded this IT consulting firm, which specializes in Microsoft Cloud services. This project included a new logo, color scheme, website support, printed collateral and marketing materials.