Depth + Breadth

I am sort of a “special forces” design and branding guy that has seen a lot of action with a lot of breadth and depth, that you can drop into a battle and can hit the ground running. I’m not the cheapest designer out there, but I execute at quickly and usually hit the mark the first time. I tend to be decisive, honest, and direct. I take complicated things and make them accessible and intuitive and simple to everyone. I specialize in Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Print, 3D, UI/UX, Animation and Motion Graphics, Photography, Creative Direction, and Advertising.

Matt Maxwell Credentials

Over 25 years as a design professional. Click to Zoom.

Evolving expertise over the years. Click to Zoom.

Capabilities Presentation

Here are some slides that I use to present my capabilities and services (PDF Version Here). Drop me a line and let’s get a dialog going.