Clean + Visual + Solid


Designing in print is an essential component in executing a brand. A professionally-printed piece delights and gives credibility to a brand. Holding something tangible creates a more visceral and intimate connection, that the cold experience of interacting with pixels. Knowing how to properly design for print production processes takes a knowledge of printing techniques, inks, and substrates. I have two decades of print design and production under my belt and have a deep knowledge of all facets of the process. I also have solid relationships with local printers that saves my clients time and costs.

Environmental Graphics + Signage

Environmental graphics and signage are used when you want to surround your customer with impact, orientation, and credibility. Properly placed signage and environmental graphics provide valuable landmark aids and visual hierarchy when experiencing a space.


Illustration is simply communicating with pictures. It is more intuitive and immediate than language and reading. In designing a project I always try to do it in as visual a way as possible. Infographics are one of my favorite forms of illustration.