UX/UI: Intuitive + User-Centered

UX/UI Capabilities

I have deep experience in UX and UI design, and have had sustained exposure to all aspects and have been an expert participant in many areas. If you have questions about my experience, I can schedule a presentation with you. The slide deck can be downloaded here, or viewed here below.


Brand Identity and website design.


This UI/UX project was a dashboard and ranking site for a startup that tracks statistics on MLM companies.


At times, clients need a website quickly and with a very small budget. This WordPress site was constructed quickly using the popular Avada theme. Being a UX generalist I was able to consult on all aspects of the site structure, appearance, and customer experience. I created the site from scratch, implemented the theme, populated the pages, and shot the photographs.


This is an older project, but it highlights my deep experience in UX. I was doing UX before it was even called UX. Back then it was called web design and I worked directly with project managers, Information Architects (also brand new at the time), Instructional Designers, Usability Testers, and Developers. I was the lead designer on this global website that was used for an enormous, extremely diverse global audience. These samples show the level of detail that I am capable of and the careful consideration that I give to each pixel.


Brand Identity and website design.


I always try to present things in visual form, rather than in words.

Samples of Wireframes and Storyboards

Over the years I have been involved in scores of UX projects. My strength is taking chaos and making it simple, engaging, and credible. This involves evaluating the audience and creating a solution that perfectly addresses their goals and inspires them to act. Here are a few samples of before-and-afters that illustrate my experience.