Nitro Circus Interstate Bait Factory


This 30 second spot was created to promote the Nitro Circus line of Interstate Bait sunflower seeds and corn nuts. It was illustrated in Photoshop using photos shot on a Canon 5D Mark II in Lehi, Utah and the surrounding areas. Animation was completed in Adobe After Effects CS5.5. Audio was added into After Effects. [...]

Obeo See You There Suite


This video was written by Mark Hurst and I was contracted to do the animation by Cosmic Pictures. I was given final VO and took it the rest of the way - including storyboarding, photography, design, animation, and direction of the audio mix.

Neumont New Name Announcement


This was an end-to-end project for me. I wrote the script, storyboarded, selected the voice talent, directed the voiceover recording/editing sessions, designed the layouts and typography, redesigned the logo (I also had designed the old logo too), 3D modeled, 3D animated, 3D rendered. I animated it using Cinema 4D with the Otoy Octane plugin. [...]

2012 Animation Reel


This reel is slightly outdated, but it shows the first few years of my new fascination with After Effects. Hopefully someday I'll be able to have time to update my reel. Check out the other videos on my site to see the newer/better stuff. If you are really daring, see everything by visiting my Vimeo [...]

Jaybird Reign


Jaybird provided 3D models from China, which needed cleanup, texturing, and rigging in Cinema 4D.

UStar Innovation


This 4 minute motion piece was created to influence Utah lawmakers to renew funding for a economic development program.

Nitro Circus Live


I created this animated intro for MTV2's Nitro Circus Live TV Show using After Effects and footage shot with a Red Epic camera.